Summit Daily: Centennial Man – Boulder’s ‘Long Ranger’ recounts how he became first person to scale Colorado’s 105 highest points self-supported

Blanca Peak, Tour of the Highest Hundred

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From the Summit Daily (read the full article, here)

Out on the remote, amazingly wild ridgelines of this state’s most dangerous backcountry locations Justin Simoni would ask himself the most recurring question of his unprecedented trip: “I wonder why no one does this?”

“I always had these, ‘I wonder why no one does this?’ questions,” Simoni explained to a crowd at Wilderness Sports on Wednesday evening. “And then I’d got out and go, ‘Oh! That’s why. Gotcha. Right, It’s a bad idea.'”

To many, what Simoni set out to do at 3:30 a.m. on July 18, 2017, may have been a terrible idea. But with just 15 minutes of sleep, he started out for it anyway.

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