5/4/15 – 5/10/15

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Monday, May 4, 2015 – Rest

The deluge of last week finally hit me. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – Green Mountain (S)

The weather has gone from cloudy to just drizzly, testing me to even want to go outside. It’s not just that we’re not used to such Pacific Northwest-like conditions, it’s that everything is getting super saturated and muddy – I’m just waiting for the entire OSMP’s to close. 

I’m also adjusting living a few miles away from Chautaugua, so doing an after work run poses some problems of where to stash my backpack. So, after work, I rode up to Chautaugua, put everything in a dry pack (including the MacBook) and just hoped no one took it! I’ve done this before at trailheads, but never so close to an urban center. 

This made me want to finish up my run pretty quickly and my planned two laps up Green ended up just one – helped by the blah conditions. Despite not really wanting to give it a good go, I PR’d the route up by 3:48, which is notable I guess. More than likely, just starting slower at the beginning gave me fresh legs, once the going got easier. 

Thankfully, the bag, and my Macbook were waiting for me at the bike. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Bouldering @ Movement

I had planned to take a run this morning, but I wasn’t down to leave my laptop there again. Thankfully work has lockers available and a shower, so I skipped the run, and rented a locker to throw my laptop in for the night, to pick up tomorrow morning. 

Instead, I joined Chrissy bouldering, and promptly hurt my left wrist again. I was actually hoping we’d be climbing on routes, rather than bouldering, which seems to be much nicer to my wrist, but alas. Did some stretching, and a short spin bike sess., so I didn’t feel to lazy about things. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015 – Green (S)

Another lap on Green, this time I had little, if no stoke left in me, having stayed up too late the night before, and having the weather just be as pretty much close to uninspiring as possible – I almost passed on the entire idea.

PR’d the roundtrip (1:09:32) by about 2 minutes, which I guess is nice, but far from what I could do, rightfully stoked and without the trail being super wet – I’m thinking 10 minutes can be found somewhere in there. 

Still, the goal was just to run 99.9% of the route – which was done comfortably. I’m still amazed I’m able to do that. It seems not that long ago that running up Green Mountain by any route was something to be newsworthy to me – as if it was something impossibly difficult to even comprehend. I can remember when running 5 miles on flat pavement was something that made me surprised. Or running flat pavement at a pace over 9:30.

I’ve learned a lot since then and maybe got a little stronger. The only route I cannot run from start to finish is the social trail behind the sunset Flatiron. It would be silly to do so, except as a challenge. A running time on that would certainly be much slow than a running/powerhiking time. 

Friday, May 8, 2015 – Bouldering @Movement

The weather has turned from bad to worse, and I skipped out on the idea of getting up early to do a massive run. Instead, I slept in, did some work, then hit the gym to do a few hours spin on the bike, about an hour of stretching, and then bouldering for another few more hours. Some fun problems, today.

Saturday, May 9, 2015 – Golden Gate Dirty 30 recon

The weather this week was sincerely getting people nervous that we were in for another flood-like catastrophe. The Quad Rock race up in Fort Collins was cancelled due to trail damage that most likely would occur if the race was held. This led many to all of a sudden have nothing to do on Saturday, and an itching to run, so Fred put together a group run together on the Dirty 30 course, which I was able to join in on. Golden Gate Canyon was probably one of the better places to be on trail, in the immediate area, but the weather just got even worse. Rain turned into snow and freezing rain, but sort of made the best of it, running around 21 miles of the course at a very casual pace. Some takeaways from the course: Most of the climbs and descents and much more mellower than what I practice on, but they seem much longer. I’ll have to make sure to keep myself in some sort of reasonable pace for the first half of the race, as that seems to be the easier half, and give it more of a go at the second, hard half. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015 – Off

Off to eat pizza. 

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