5/12/14 – 5/18/14

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Riding into Salida – beautiful views of the Northern Sangres, mixed in with the Southern Sawatch


– Boulder – Breckenridge,  105.6 miles, 14,372ft (Strava)This was a huge ride, in terms of elevation gain.  Much of it coming before even hitting I-70. I was also loaded down for touring for the next week. Happy to have ended the day inside and warm, rather than outside and snowed upon.


– Breckenridge – just outside of Salida, 106.5 miles 6,950ft (Strava)Took 9 to basically Hartsel, and then cycled the last half of the Dirty Double Fondo Route (the harder part), before camping outside of town. Beautiful night, full moon, warm temps.

12.5 miles, 67 ft (Strava)

Basically a rest day, but I still had to get into town! Happily, my friend Em bumped into me, and offered to host me, which was a little more convenient than camping somewhere else outside of town!


, Dirty Double Fondo 200k – 2nd Place!, 129.9 miles, 9,360ft

Not a bad little go at this Gravel Grinder. 40 minutes back from first, and 40 minutes faster than third – it’s a wild world out there. Props to first place, that’s quite the go at the course. Of course, I had wanted to race this race pretty well rested up, rather than having 200+ loaded miles on my legs for the week, but watchagonnado, Mr. Car-Free Lifestyle?

A little slower than last year, much more wind, for sure. But felt great, nonetheless.

Sunday, May 18, 2014, Salida – Shavano Trailhead, 14.4 miles, 2,777 feet (Strava)

Much like last year, after the race, I high-tailed it to the Shavano Trailhead to camp and hike up Shavano the next day. The Angel was in, I had a few more days to use before I needed to get back, and it’s like, right there. No contest.  This is also the first part of Salida’s Vapor Trail Race, a 125 mile CX mountain bike race, that starts at 10:00pm. Awesome race, and for me sadly, I barely made it to the finish, having what seemed be some sort of activity-educed asthma. Not cool. Still, a great, great course – almost a Colorado Trail Race, lite, but you get to start/finish at the same point.

Week total on my feet: 0
Week total on the bike: 368.9 miles, 33,526 feet

Not to state the obvious, but this was a huge week on my bike, especially since everything, except the race was done loaded down for touring. Happy it went so smoothly, as I haven’t ridden my bike as much as I historically do. Seems like running was a good enough supplement for the lack of riding. Happy to sleeping in the dirt again. Lots more of that to be done, this season.


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