A well-deserved break and a needed change of pace

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Twenty-Five days since finishing up the Tour Divide, I’m happy to report, I’ve done really nothing sensationally physical or demanding to my body. All too often, I – like many people who have an extra surplus of energy and stubbornly high pain tolerances, rush much too quickly right into another foolish test of strength, endurance and gas station junk food eating. 

This year, I knew it’d be better to just lay low and allow my body to slowly and naturally replenish itself. It’s much more than sore knees and abused muscles – so many systems take a major hit. Because of takin’ er easy, I haven’t gotten that lingering cold that seems to clash so eloquently with the balmy weather, and I haven’t severely burned myself out on riding bikes. I almost now, miss riding bikes, but I can tell I have no top end  yet and any long ride is just going to be miserable. 

Not to say I haven’t been on a bike – other than the day of travel from NM back to CO, I’ve been off the bike a total of… uh – one day. But, it’s been nice to take off the, 16+ hours/120 miles hat and to simply become a commuter of 10 or so miles total from the ‘burbs to downtown where the coffee shops live that I haunt. 

I actually won’t be on a bike for any appreciable amount of time, for another week or so – certainly nothing overnight – as I’m about to head out next week and join a highly cacophonic (made up word: cacophony + phonic ), noisy, experimental performance group to the West coast for a few weeks. Our dates are listed here and I hope to see you – if you plan to come, please drop me a line, as I’d love to meet you before/after the shows! 

I’ll most likely bring a pair of running shoes and do some cross-training in the wee hours before we start the bus to the next venue, to help out before cyclocross season happens. But, a little bit more rest sounds good to keep the burn-out at bay.

There’s some interesting news that will drop in the next week as well, but I’ll let that be a surprise to most. 

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