Ice Castle Ride

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Hot Doggin
Lucky enough to take another long ride this week – this time to Silverthorne to check out the Ice Castles, before the all melt into a sad little pile of slush. Got out of the house @ 6:00 am for the ride up HW40. My James Peak Barometer had a much better reading than last time.
Ahh, that looks a little better



Made fairly good time to Loveland Pass – on the top by around 1:00pm – took the obl. dorky photo at the top,
Obligatory Dorky Photo on Loveland Pass
 March 15th, 2012



The snowpack this year has been somewhat of a joke – I actually climbed the pass almost exactly a year ago and the Continental Divide looked a little but more like this,
Loveland Pass (from Denver) March 16th, 2011
Just ain’t nothin’ fallin’
Made it to Frisco via Swan Mountain Rd to add a little more climbing, then around the res. back to Silverthorne, with tons of time to spare, before my friends met up with me for ice castles. Ice Castles!

Ice Castle!

They also seemed to be showing the effects of a extremely mild winter, being somewhat diminutive via melting. Aww, well – at least I got to be King of the Ice Castles!

I am the king of the Ice Castles!

Route – another 12,000 feet of elevation to add to my week – I’m at around 25,000 feet of elevation for the week. Sizeable.

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