1/29 – 2/4 Week Summary

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This past week, I rode a paltry 104 miles in total, went to the gym once and, uh, snowshoed for 11 1/2 hours. Plus the usual bicycle commuting. And I’m a masked vigilante in the wee hours. Ok, the last part isn’t true. 

The only ride I did was around Cherry Creek. Made it from and back to REI in 1:52, which is only 10 minutes less than my personal best on the route, even though my the bike I’m riding is heavier, with slower tires, handlebars that aren’t very comfortable and the course is slightly longer, with two new streets that must be crossed on a light because of construction – and I wasn’t doing a, “I’m throwing up” pace, although I was trying to give it a good go. So that’s nice. 

Gym was good, upped (again) my bench press by 10lbs, now getting to the amazing limit of 145lbs. What’s funny is this really is my limit – I’ve lost that much strength. Bench press is my worst list of anything, so I’m not surprised. I’ve found my style in lifting has changed, as I lift much more up and down, instead of having my arms go out to the side – much as if you were doing flys or something. That sort of position seems to make my shoulder tinge a little too much. Incidentally, I’ll be starting chest dips this week without any assist, as it seems to be one of my strongest, uh, “lifts” (now riddle me that). Didn’t have time to try for my 5,000 meters in 20 rowing-athon, but I guess I’ll try that soon enough. 

Not sure what the weather will come to this week. As I type it’s snowing again – just a flurry, but it’ll make riding a little dicey for another day. I’m apprehensive about buying some rollers to ride indoors, as that just sounds so so so silly and I don’t want to really buy anything new at the moment to try to fit into my life. If the weather isn’t behooving of cycling, perhaps another day in the gym, doing something boring, or go, I dunno, road running. The avy danger in the mountains has been a little hectic, but I haven’t been able to get much luck getting a ride out into the mountains, anyways. I’m certainly not about to buy a car just to do that.  

A little weirded out at my mileage, but I feel pretty comfortable of my endurance just the same. March saw me do 1200 miles+ and that doesn’t sound too far off to do again, or better it, if conditions allowed. Maybe that’s me just blowing smoke. 

Maybe this week, I’ll try some bicycling to trail runs, as long as the paths are pretty clear. Riding long distances on the road isn’t too good of an idea. Just today, I was riding from the house and encountered a car that was pretty much blowing through a stop sign and about to blow through me. They finally did stop, after the sign. I yelled at them and pointed at the sign, where in they yelled that they didn’t stop, as I was in their blind spot. I didn’t know what that meant, but if their blind spot is right in front of them, they may want to retire from driving altogether. 

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