1/8 – 1/14 Week Summary

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Mon: ~35 miles ride around Cherry Creek Res.

Wed: ~15 mile hike up Sobo/Bear/Green in a snow storm

The rest of the week was quite a wash. Had a trip planned for Winter Park and a hike, perhaps even up to Parry Peak (which would have meant doing James and Bancroft – and again on return) that fell through, mostly out of crippling anxiety attacks. Long story short, I’m trying to figure that part of my life out. Never felt anything so bad, but I’ve usually thwart this type of things with cycling and art and of course, both of those things seem impossible while enduring one. 

My Goal for weekly mileage is between 200 – 300 miles of cycling, depending on how much hiking/trail running/mountaineering I get to do. Didn’t quite make it this week, but I guess next week is a new week. 

Total week cycling mileage: 98 miles

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