Red Rocks in the Snow!

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Sunday: Rode to Red Rocks and back. Looked like this:

Red Rocks Feb 6th, 2011

It has snowed the last couple of days, so my route consisted of bike paths that were:

* well shoveled,
* barely shoveled
* not shoveled *at all*, where forward motion was very slow

roads that were somewhat sketch and filled with snow, dirt and slush.
This combination has a tendency to freeze to a bike frame and wheels,
making your bike weigh much more than usual.

Upon getting to Red
Rocks Park proper, it began to snow and making it up the steep road to
the amphitheater was proving tricky. Luckily, I also brought my hiking
shoes, micro-spikey-things and suited up for mountaineering and was able
to get up, no problem.

Left at around 9:30 am, got home around 4:00 pm

Today, I am very, very sore from the effort.

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