Early Sunday Moonset Prologue, Boulder Populaire, Diesel to Denver – 170 miles

Sunday, I decided to join the Rocky Mountain Cycling Club in Boulder for their first Populaire of the season. A, “meet and greet” 108km ride, to get you acquainted in the strange world of Randonneuring – a French-flavored, ultra distance uh, “sport”, where various cycling routes are put together with a time limit to complete each one.  

This year falls on the one of the every four years the Paris-Brest-Paris is run.

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Week of March 13th – March 20th “Training” Log

  • Sunday: Rest! 13 miles
  • Monday: Up Lookout Mt through Evergreen and down to Morrison, back to Denver, 101 miles
  • Tuesday: Rest! 10 miles
  • Wednesday: Denver to Loveland Pass to Denver Ride, 145 miles
  • Thursday: Rest! 10 miles
  • Friday: Off the bike completely!  –  ran a few miles to gym, lifted some weights, did some plyometrics, ran back home
  • Saturday: Easy-going ride, 41 miles

Total Mileage: 320 miles.

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Winter Trip up Loveland Pass

As been my convention and as mileage is slowly being increased during the Month of March, I’m seeking out routes that will keep me occupied and interested – creative minds can bore easily with repetitious activities. If this bid for the Tour Divide becomes nothing but a slog of miles over the same routes for purposes of plotting progress charts, or just simply because it’s easier or I dunno, realistic, to keep some sort of simple training regime – man, I dunno, I’d probably tap out.

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Week of March 6th – March 12th “Training” Log

  • Sunday: Rest! – 12 miles
  • Monday: 14er Attempt, Quandary
  • Tuesday: Rest!  – 15 miles
  • Wednesday: Ride to Redrocks, Hike/Run Mt. Morrison, via the South Ridge Route, ride back home – 52 miles
  • Thursday: Rest! 5 miles
  • Friday: Ride to Boulder, few hours at The Spot, bouldering Gym, ride home –  100 miles
  • Saturday: 1 1/2 hours on the trainer (not included in total), plus 2 miles outside.

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Abandoned Attempt at Quandary Peak, Elevation 14,265′

“I’m getting concerned about the visibility issue.”, my much more careful, much more level-headed hiking partner stated clearly and with enough gusto to make it through the wind and snow.

“Yes. I think we’re pretty close. The peak is at that rock.”, I point, “ten more minutes and we’ll re-evaluate the situation. How does that sound?”

“I don’t see a rock.”

And she had a point. The rock was now, gone. Ten minutes became ten steps. We reached a slow-going snowy slope and called it quits.

White out conditions
A last look up (unedited photo)

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