Mountain Trip Safety: What I Do Before I Go

Storm over Grays and Torreys

I’ve put myself into some pretty stupid situations of my own making. It’s sometimes amazing even to me that I’ve gotten out of a few of them relatively unscathed. Like that one time I thought it would be absolutely brilliant to ride from Denver pedaling a completely overloaded trailer-laden bike with all my gear, then make my camp on top of a ridgeline at 13,000′ where an old mining road ended, 60 miles later:

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Electronics Kit List for the Tour of the Highest Hundred

The electronics gear kit list! Bringing any sort of gear – especially electronic gear, is a fine balance between the convenience of having the resource, and the burdens of carrying it all with you. Doubly so with electronic gear, as it all requires some sort of power source to charge it all up.

Choose wisely.

For the Tour of the Highest Hundred, I brought more electronic gear than on any other ultra racing/FKT trip in my life! It was a lot to manage, but I made all my choices after much deliberation.

Here’s the rundown:

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