Total: 6,025 grams/13.3 pounds

For this trip, food was essentially fuel, so no fancy/delicious freeze-dried meals to be reconstituted during extended breaks – that just wasn’t going to happen.

Each day had the same menu in its kit, and calories totaled ~4,750 calories/day. I brought five days of kit. Breakdown of each day consisted of:

  • Large bag of raw cashews/sweetened coconut strips/sesame seed-coated almonds
  • Small bag of Walnuts/chocolate covered raisins
  • Small bag of orange slices candy
  • Large bag of Perpeteum
  • Small bag of Sweetened mango slices
  • Small bag of Jerky
  • 1 5-hour Energy
  • 3 packets of Starbucks VIA

Overall, the system worked pretty well. Changes for next time? More chocolate, perhaps more sugar in general, split the large bag of raw cashews/sweetened coconut strips/sesame seed-coated almonds into one or even two separate small snack bags, more salt (even supplement by using electrolyte packets), more ready-to-eat proteins (vegetarian protein pairings weren’t perfect in the above).

My morning ritual was to pull out of the five pre-made bags, and put some of the smaller baggies in my UD Utility belt, and the rest of the food in the back mesh pocket of the Fastpack 45. If I had a good water supply, I’d mix up some Pertpetuem, and perhaps add in a 5-Hour Energy/VIA, then sip on that for about an hour or so. If I had any food left, I’d roll it into the next day’s rations.

I packed these for 5 days, but I was out for 6 days, and 10 hours (roughly). On the fourth day, I started rationing – mostly by saving some of the raw cashews/sweetened coconut strips/sesame seed-coated almonds I brought, which I seem to never be able to finish. By the seventh day, this is really all I ate.

I talk about my ideas on nutrition for trips like this in the below video,