Weighted Carries for Fastpacking Training and Practice

For the majority of my outdoor trips and adventures, I’m mountain running: moving as quickly as I can in mountainous terrain all with the minimal amount of gear. I also go on multi-day trips and then my mountain running transforms into what’s called, fastpacking.

The goal is simply efficient all day movement over long distances, I’m not carrying all the heavy gear to comfortably hang out in a tent in a camp for long periods of time – I’m bringing just enough to get some rest when I’m not moving. I will be carrying additional gear in the form of an ultralight overnight sleep system, additional food, and perhaps some additional clothes and personal items.

I’ll be going over both training techniques that can help us move as fast as we can during our fastpacks, as well as some ways we can practice to optimize our time on our trip. I’ll be introducing a workout called Weighted Carries, which we’ll modify so that we can use it for both.

And as a bonus, I’ll go over some more tips and techniques to get you moving as fast as possible on your next fastpacking adventure.

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