Prepare for the Unexpected – Trail and Timberline #1026


Check out the Spring 2015 issue of the Colorado Mountain Club’s Trail and Timberline, for an interview with me about the Tour 14er trip I took last summer. If you’re a member of the CMC, the issue should be delivered to your mailboxes soon. The embedded digital version is a little awkward to use, but is also below:

Thanks goes to the editor and to the CMC for giving me the opportunity to share my trip with its members. Hope to see you out there, up high!

Tour 14er: 34 days, 12 hours – Success!


  • Total Hike Mileage: 387.9 miles (624.265 km)
  • Total Hike Elevation: 154,727 feet (47,160.8 km)
  • Total Bike Mileage: 1,609.1 miles (2,589.6 km)
  • Total Bike Elevation: 151,335 feet (46,126.9 meters)
  • Total Time: 34:12:26:57


tour14_finish.jpgImage (and beer!) provided by: user, glenmiz



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