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Date: November 2nd 2020

Howdy Everyone,

It's the first Monday of the month! Here's what's been happening on the blog:

Training Journal – 10/26/20 – 11/1/20


Rest (mostly)

A small snowy bike ride home, and then I just hung out keeping warm.


Climbing @ Movement, 2 hours

A good session with Chris – I’m not sure though if I managed anything I’m proud of. I’m struggling on the lead wall – even a 10d is giving me fits.

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Faster Fastpack Packing

Fastpacking differs from ultralight backpacking to me (although the line is indeed blurry) in one major way: the brisk movement through terrain is most likely the only objective. There’s rarely a large camping/cooking/hanging out portion of a fastpack. Instead it’s all about that forward motion: fastpacking is a multi-day, unsupported run.

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Training Journal – 10/19/20 – 10/25/20



Bouldering @ Movement, 2 hours

A pretty good day, but no real standouts. Starting to rack up multiple V6’s per sess, but no V7’s in my grade pyramid as of yet (and certainly no V8’s).

Green Mountain via Freeway

I hemmed and hawed about going out – the conditions (smoke, mostly) are just so bad, and even bouldering indoors was leaving me wanting to catch my breath after some of the harder problems.

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Praxis – 10/23/20

Not at all inspired by Semi-Rad’s Fridays Inspiration (not at all, nope), I started to collect some things that I found inspiring throughout the week out there as well – and we can all use something to motivate us:

Dave Graham’s send of this bizarre route was, I thought: quite creative.

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Nutrition for a Nolans 14 (and beyond) Fastpack

Nutrition is a difficult subject for me to broach, as I don’t feel as if I’m an expert on the subject to give advice to others. But, I can share the strategies that I personally take when doing my projects, and invite you to use it as a model for your own experiments.

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Until next time,

Long May You Range!

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