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Date: January 2nd 2023

Howdy Everyone,

I've started a Patreon to help support the content creation of my site, as well as all the rest of my social media. I appreciate your support!

It's the first Monday of the month! Here's what's been happening on the blog:

Training Journal: 12/26/22 – 1/1/23

Green Mountain Summit #100 for the year!
Monday Bouldering @ Movement, 1hr Took it easy and just did an hour bouldering – basically a warmup, then worked briefly on a hard problem. Ended the day with a new V6 (seemed soft) and on my way to a V7, with my eye on a V8 (one can dream). Green Mountain #96 Little by […] Read More

Patreon Early Access: Slow-lans Part 1 – Backpacking the Nolan’s 14 Line

Join my Patreon to be one of the first to view this video. Part 1 traverses the first three 14ers of the Nolan’s 14 line from South to North: Shavano, Tabeguache, and Antero! Follow Justin and Drew Bob as they make their way through the Sawatch! Junior Ranger Patreons will receive early access; video will […] Read More

Training Journal: 12/19/22 – 12/25/22

Nice perch on top of the Third PInnacle
Monday Bouldering @ Movement 2hr Alright sess. although I felt heavy – as if I was simply a big mass of muscle, rather than athletic. Tight hamstrings. Topped two new V6’s and a V5, so that’s a good session for me – all from the new set, and two of which I couldn’t even start […] Read More

Nolan’s 14 Unsupported Gear Breakdown

Mt. Antero
LighterPack For your convenience, I’ve put all the gear I used in a LighterPack: Below I’ll go over in more detail on the majority of the gear I used. Anything not covered below is listed in the LighterPack, and/or described in the video above: Clothing Being September and with a cold front moving in at […] Read More

Training Journal: 12/12/22 – 12/18/22

On top of the Second Pinnacle, Amphitheater
Monday Bouldering @ Movement: 2hr Felt great today (finally). My warmups all turned to campusing up half the problem, so certainly felt an extra bit of power than I have in a while. Had to weigh myself to make sure I didn’t lose 10lbs! (I certainly didn’t). Could have been a bit of supercompensation from […] Read More

Training Journal: 12/5/22 – 12/11/22

The local playground: Sunset Flatironette, First, Second, and in the distance: Longs Peak
Monday Bouldering @ Movement, 2hr Not to sound like a broken record, but it was another sub-optimal session for me. I was falling off V3s – this is getting a little nuts. Worked on the new set a bit on a vertical wall, while also revisiting problems I’ve already done on the 45 degree wall. […] Read More

My Fastpack Pack Modifications

Trip starts can be heavy with a fastpack full of many days of food
Gear Mentioned My gear goes through some tough challenges with me, and I often find myself modifying it to better fit my needs to survive my adventures. My Ultimate Direction Fastpack 40 is no different. Here are some changes I’ve made to my pack: Patched and Reinforced Back Pocket Scrambling is not friendly to the […] Read More

Training Journal 11/28/22 – 12/4/12

Gregory Trailhead Tire
Monday Bouldering @ Movement, 2hr Another weird session. Concentration wasn’t a huge problem, but I felt very weak, even though I took an extra day off from what I usually take. My intention was to work on the 45 degree wall again, but I never got on it, having maxed out on V5s on less […] Read More

2022 Long Underwear Reviews at OutdoorGearLab

Meriwool 250
I’ve finished up my hands-on test and review of well over a dozen different men’s long underwear from more than half a dozen brands. Results are now live on OutdoorGearLab. Thanks to all my friends and collaborators who helped with testing and photography! Read More

Until next time,

Long May You Range!

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