Caltopo Route Map Legend

The Slow-lans map can be found here, and is also embedded at the top of all the pages of this guide. You will want to use that map in conjunction with the narratives provided.

Nolans Route

The main Nolans route is in magenta. The Nolans route optimizes to take the quickest, most direct way up and down the peaks, and doesn’t primarily consider things like camping options, water sources, etc.

The main Nolans route is in magenta.
The main Nolans route is in magenta

Slow-lans Alts.

Alternative route segments, off the Nolans route are also presented in blue. These route segments are provided to give a more backpacking-friendly version of the route, if one is available: they may allow a more sustainable path through the terrain, an easier route, a route that provides better camping/water sources, etc.

Slow-lan Alts. route segments are in blue
Slow-lan Alts. route segments are in blue


Routes to get out off the main route to either bail or to pick up supplies are in orange. Bailout routes primarily go back to the Colorado Trail that parallels the Nolans line. Consult guides on the Colorado trail for in-depth information on water supplies, camping, and how to get to town.

Bailout/Supply routes are in orange
Bailout/Supply routes are in orange

Skipping Peaks

Routes that skip peaks are in yellow. Depending on your timeline, weather, and stoke of your group, skipping a peak for easier route may be wise.

Skipping peaks routes are in yellow
Skipping peaks routes are in yellow

Summit/Water Sources/Camping Labels

Peak summits, water sources, and camping spots are labeled on the map.


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One Response to “Caltopo Route Map Legend”

  1. Colby Renfro

    This is a great idea: a lot of routes you do people may be interested in doing as a backpacking trip and not an ultra. For instance the SDC traverse I found your GPX’s and annotations to be very helpful and it had even less annotations than this. This area is significantly easier to navigate than SDC and there’s a ton of great markups and such.

    I’d be curious to hear from someone going in blind if this is enough to plan a trip with? I’d venture to guess it probably is (provided people are experienced at backpacking and alpine travel). I won’t be doing this particular one (because my wage-slave ass gets 3 weeks of vacation and no subset of that is going to be used by backpacking the sawatch), but am planning something similar in the San Juans for later this summer (something along the lines of molas pass to vallecito where my dad lives plus some peaks of course – he did it as an ultra in the late 90s). Long term goal is to do a 50+ mi backpacking trip in every range over the next few years, so I absolutely love the concept of this.

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