6 Day Trip Itinerary

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Six days is the longest you most likely want to take for the full line:

Day 1: Shavano, Tabeguache, Antero

Starting from Blanks Trailhead, take the good trail up to Shavano, tag the close Tabeguache, then go cross valley to summit Antero. Descend down Baldwin Gulch.

Make camp up above the townsite of Alpine, a little below treeline and the south ridge of Mt. Princeton.

Day 2: Mt. Princeton

Mt. Princeton is the only mountain for today. Take the south ridge of Mt. Princeton, summit, then descend down to the Colorado Trail. You’ll be on the Colorado Trail for the rest of the day, with the goal of getting as far towards the east ridge of Mt. Yale as you can. Camping spots are available at the turnoff of Mt. Yale towards the east ridge, albeit dry. Camel up well before this spot.

Day 3: Mt. Yale, Mt Columbia, Mt. Harvard

Take the east ridge of Mt. Yale, and descend down towards Horn Fork Creek. Take the standard route up Mt. Columbia, and do the traverse to Mt. Harvard. Descend into the Pine Creek drainage for the night.

Day 4: Oxford, Belford, Missouri

Although the hike up Oxford is steep, the bop over to Belford is easy, and towards the summit of Missouri is doable as a third peak for the day. Descend down the west ridge of Missouri and make camp near Clohesy Lake.

Day 5: Huron, La Plata

It’s a good climb up Huron, but the descent is easy on trail. Once down at the trailhead, there’s lots of road towards the La Plata TH, then on another good trail. Descend La Plata’s standard Route to State Highway CO 82 for some road miles towards Echo Canyon to camp for the night.

Day 6: Elbert, Massive

Big Day! Start early and summit Elbert via Echo Canyon/Bull Hill. Descend Elbert’s West Ridge and double check the weather. If it looks good, start up Massive’s SW Slopes to your final summit. Descend down to the Fish Hatchery, and a job well done.

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