Free Bikepacking Clinic at Bent Gate Mountaineering, May 22nd

From: "Long Ranger Express" <me@PROTECTED>
Subject: Free Bikepacking Clinic at Bent Gate Mountaineering, May 22nd
Date: April 17th 2019

Hey howdy everyone, this is Justin Simoni and this a message from my newsletter. First one too - so if you subscribed a while ago, and haven't received anything since.... well: that's why.

I wanted to tell you about a Bikepacking clinic I'll be running on May 22nd at Bent Gate Mountaineering in Golden, CO. I'll be sharing some stories, demoing some gear, giving advice for gear + routes, and I'll have a few giveaways as well. The event is free. Bring your stoke and your passion to learn about this wonderful way to see our wilder lands. Details are available on the Facebook event page.

Bent Gate Mountaineering has always been a great host to my talks, and a great member of the local community. Last year, I was invited to talk about my Tour of the Highest Hundred, and we attracted a packed house on a very crummy winter day. We also recorded it, if y'all missed it:

I've also got a whole bunch of writeups and such on the Tour, if you want to really delve in. Lemme know if you're thinking of going for it, yourself, I've got a few pieces of advice I can share.

That's just about all I got for you at the moment. If you're wondering what I'm thinking for future projects, well: I've got a blog post about that, here. I'm most excited about trying out the full Sangres Range Traverse, solo and unsupported. Should be a hoot!

Until next time - keep the rubber side down,


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