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From: "Long Ranger Express" <me@PROTECTED>
Date: July 8th 2024

Howdy Everyone,

I've started a Patreon to help support the content creation of my site, as well as all the rest of my social media. I appreciate your support!

It's the first Monday of the month! Here's what's been happening on the blog:

I tracked my weight loss and water use during a strenuous hike and the results were CRAZY

Spring Hiking
(There is talk of bodily functions — my bodily functions — in this post. If you do not want to read about that, kindly skip over this post. — JS) I’ve often been in the situation where after a long hot day, I feel particularly dehydrated. I’ll stand on a bathroom weight scale morbidly curious, Continue reading... Read More

iRunFar: Justin Simoni and the Art of Running

Jagged Mountain
You’ve probably heard of the fictional character called the Lone Ranger, but what about the Long Ranger? Meet Justin Simoni, aka the Long Ranger. I heard about Justin back when I was going to school in Boulder, Colorado. I put his name in Google and instead of a running blog, I found his art website. Continue reading... Read More

Until next time,

Long May You Range!

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