Justin Simoni

Contact: me@justinsimoni.com

Justin Simoni is a cycling, mountain running, and climbing adventurer living in Boulder, CO. A two-time Tour Divide veteran (2011, 2012), Simoni has crossed the United States by bike a total of three times, and has toured eight other countries, all self-powered.

In 2014, Simoni completed the Tour 14er in 34 days, 12 hours: summiting 58 Colorado 14ers, while riding between all of them on a mountain bike in a self-powered and self-supported style, breaking the record of the last known fastest attempt by over 3 days.

Simoni’s successful trip was the first time any 14er trip like this had been publicly mapped, shared, and standardized into rules for an FKT challenge that others may compare themselves to.

Simoni regularly rides to Rocky Mountain National Park and summits Longs Peak by various routes as training for his other adventures and goals. These trips as well as the Tour 14er has raised general interest and enthusiasm in approaching hiking and climbing objectives by bicycle, instead of by motor vehicles within  the outdoor community.

In 2017, Justin will embark on the Tour of the Highest Hundred: a bikepacking and trail running adventure through Colorado with the goal of summiting the 100 highest peaks in the State, self-powered, and self-supported. When completed, this trip will establish one of the greatest Colorado self-powered/self-supported Fastest Known Time challenges.

Justin’s personal mission is to find new ways to have fun and adventure outside, while continuing to experiment with low impact ways to visit our National Forests, Parks, and Wilderness.

Learn more about Justin Simoni on his blog, THE LONG RANGER.