South Boulder/Bear/Green Mountain

Forecast was for snow on Wednesday and as much as I wanted to have a bike-heavy week, it wasn’t going to happen with a snowstorm in the middle. I’m not even close to the point of riding a trainer inside at the moment, as I have nowhere to put something like that and well, no trainer  and buying a snow-specific bike seems silly when it’s much funner to spend much less and get a descent pair of warm boots and huck it.

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Bear Peak Saddle

Currently, hanging out in Breckenridge, enjoying a quiet Christmas, getting my leftover mimosa on – getting up early tomorrow to hike a few mountains. Perhaps something like this: 


Sniktau -> Cupid -> Grizzly (with a very small chance of Torreys, but time is a factor).

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So where the Hell have you’ve been, dude?

It’s been about 5? months since the 2011 running of the Tour Divide and I’ve been quite quiet here this site. Kind of want to apologize, as my intention wasn’t to show you how I trained, do the race and then: disappear.  5 months is a long time to recap, so I will barely try but a few major points:

The Tour Divide takes a lot of energy to do and that energy takes a long time to recapture.

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20,000 Feet of Climbing in a Circle

Weather seemed a little iffy on Tuesday, so I decided to keep the ride local. I had a idea for the weekend on what/where to ride and it was going to be a whopper ride in the mountains. I didn’t want to cover any of the tarmac I’d be doing on that ride, so I thought I’d just spin around in circles a little bit, up and down a little local aberration on the topo map called Lookout Mountain.

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Week of March 13th – March 20th “Training” Log

  • Sunday: Rest! 13 miles
  • Monday: Up Lookout Mt through Evergreen and down to Morrison, back to Denver, 101 miles
  • Tuesday: Rest! 10 miles
  • Wednesday: Denver to Loveland Pass to Denver Ride, 145 miles
  • Thursday: Rest! 10 miles
  • Friday: Off the bike completely!  –  ran a few miles to gym, lifted some weights, did some plyometrics, ran back home
  • Saturday: Easy-going ride, 41 miles

Total Mileage: 320 miles.

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