Training Journal – 5/18/20 – 5/24/20

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A relatively quiet week for me. Other than my usual running/cycling streak activities:


Night Solo Scramble up The Second Flatiron

A fun time climbing the Second Flatiron entirely at night. Kind of one of those, “complete mastery of the route” to do it at night, alone, without gear. Magical, at least.

Summit of the Second Flatiron at Night
Summit of the Second Flatiron at Night


First/Second/Green Mountain Summit

A now on-brand route through some flatiron routes, then up to summit Green. Destroyed my bike tire on the ride up to the trailhead, and I lost a fair bit of time fixing that, so by the time I got to the base of the First, it was getting dark.

Thankfully, I finished the route and was back on the ground in time to race down, then back up the Second Flatiron, then don the headlamp for the hike up Green. A good day, of course.


First Flatiron TT

Thought I’d test out the old legs, and see what sort of speed I could complete a First Flatiron loop from Gregory. I knew both my approach/descent would be fairly non-standard, so this was really even more, “just for fun” than usual.

Started up Amphitheater, and started up the north-facing slope off trail to the little pass just below the top of the Spy Express Trail. Took that to the base. Not super hard effort.

First went smoothly-enough, not even remotely as fast as I am able to, but a good effort. Flubbed the descent, and wasted some seconds.

Descent was down the old, now-unmarked trail to the north to the Amphitheater/Saddle Rock trail, which leads to the TH. This part was as fast as I can reasonably go.

So, good times. Finished the loop in about an hour, which is not earth shattering, but I’m happy.


  • Running: 18.11 miles, 7,936′ elevation, 5h 25m
  • Cycling: 61.14 miles, 3,501′ elevation gain, 5h 47m
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