Fueled by Burritos

I’ll write some sort of actual entry, soon, but I’d like to just give thanks to Illegal Pete‘s. I let myself spurge in buying their tasty tasty burritos after rides, as a nice way of giving myself a little treat as well as supplementing my dirtbag diet of rice and beans and oatmeal and pb+j’s and whatever else I can whip up in my kitchen. Money is tight, but their burritos are worth it.

They’ve repeatedly been super nice to me and helping me out when they can and always curious about the race and just being cool to me, especially when I come in, dripping wet from the snow and ice that’s quickly melting, from the +30 degrees temperature difference, between inside and out.

And their burritos are better than the other chain of burrito shops, which shall remain nameless.

Thanks Illegal Pete’s! You guys and gals rule! Stay sexy.