digital snapshot - w/ Justin Kaliszewski, ~15th and California, Downtown Denver, photographer: Jessica Bett

One April Fool's day, I decided to have a, "Media Spectacle". I sent out press releases to all the major newspapers in the area (view it yourself) telling them that: (1 I was going to be famous, (2 I was going to move a gigantic painting through downtown by foot and (3 Andy Warhol was alive and well, he loved my stuff and he was going to be representing me for First Friday. I'm sure they all thought it was a joke. It really happened.

Signing Autographs, Civic Center Park, Denver, CO

Still from the DV Film, "THE NEXT BIG THING... Walks!", trying to get on a public bus.

Still from the DV Film, "THE NEXT BIG THING... Walks!", attempting to gain entrance to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver w/panting in tow. No dice. The museum employee was a very good sport.

Tourists taking photographs, between the Denver Public Library and the new wing of the Denver Art Museum.

Andy Warhol, representing THE NEXT BIG THING w/Jerimiah Teusch (local artist)

Andy came into his usual magnetic self and found many of the pretty people of the fair city of Denver.

The walk through downtown was about 3 and 1/2 miles. We took pictures and shot some DV film. I made a quick edit of the film entitled, "THE NEXT BIG THING... Walks!" and sent it as yet another promotional item.