THE NEXT BIG THING the show brought together snapshots, polaroids, film and sculpture pertaining to the project into one venue. One half of the gallery space of Rhinoceropolis was covered from floor to ceiling in THE NEXT BIG THING fliers. Below is a panographic view of the space (here's a larger version of what's below)

THE NEXT BIG THING (ahem: me) wasn't actually at the show - having recently, "disappeared", leaving only a mysterious email stating that he was going away for an unknown amount of time and could everyone else please finish the show for him. Just as mysterious, THE NEXT BIG THING's, "Father" showed up, having found out about his since missing son through the endless trails of fliers T.N.B.T had distributed, only to find he was too late.

The, "Father Figure", draped with gallery goers.

The Cardboard Cutout, in the gallery. Film shot of the Cherry Creek Art Festival with people getting pictures without the cardboard cutout was being shown directly behind the larger than life cutout.

Finished Installation.


The Title Poster.