Pin #8: Justin convenient

Pin #8: Justin convenient

Natural Bridges Cove
Bookings, OR
July 12th, 2007


This photograph was probably one of the most important for me, since the setting was completely beyond my comprehension and wasn't something I could even attempt to start to capture with a camera. It was too beautiful and there's no way to capture the smell of the sea spray, of even the volcanic rock, or hear the weird silence - or anything that I'm attempting to tragically illustrate with words. You honestly, have to have been there.

And getting there was difficult and dangerous.

I'm actually *on top* of a natural bridge. I took a trail down to a "secret" trail to the start of a natural bridge. I had to climb *up* a very very dangerous cliff. The cliff itself wasn't that high, but the bottom where I started was only a few feet wide, and each side was a 150+ fall to the ocean. I also was wearing cycling shoes and had a camera+tripod with me. Looking back, I should have never attempted it.

Luckily, I used to be quite the sport rockclimbing and I got up upon this natural bridge.


On the otherside, you get to glimpse even *more* natural bridges, a small, natural harbor, seaweed forests and just about everything.

Kind of goes to show you that sometimes the most gratifying things are a little out of reach and you may have to take that trail that isn't really there.

So, this picture doesn't even attempt to capture what I saw or felt. Nothing would. Search for pictures of the same place and see what I mean. Go there yourself YOU tell ME if any of them capture this place.