Pin #4: just in his usual place (Petersburg )

Pin #4: just in his usual place (Petersburg )

w/Voodoo Doll Donut
Portland, Oregon
July 7th, 2007


The blur you see is actually donut frosting. They're messy buggers and I had bought a half dozen of them to eat for dinner. You go through a lot of calories riding a bike across the country.

"Just in his usual place" is probably another joke: The donut also seconds as a voodoo doll. You usually stick pins in a voodoo doll to cause harm to another person (or it's told to me that it works this way in pop culture). The donut actually comes with a pin - in this case it's a pretzel stick.

*My* pins are done in the shape of a cross and also mirrors (gestures!) the shape of the voodoo donut.

"Petersburg" was just a clipping I had from the War And Peace book. I guess, "Petersburg" was the usual place they're just in.