Pin #2: just in this new way

Pin #2: just in this new way

w/Strawberry Gelato and Mount Rainier
Sumner, Washington
July 4th, 2007


The stadium has fake grass. There wasn't anything open in this small town it seems except a thrift store and a totally out of place italian restaurant.

One of the pleasures of taking a bicycle tour, as opposed to doing a bicycle race is to load up on calories, especially in the form of ice cream. In many of these photographs, I try to do things that one would do while touring on a bike, instead of things one would do while riding in a car - the Pins: Seattle chapter had photographs of Interstate rest areas, for example.

So, in the middle of a rural setting, between Seattle and Olympia, Washington, I got myself some strawberry gelato.

In the background is Mt. Rainier, which is very large. My gelato is very small, thus you get an interesting relationship.

Photographing this picture wasn't easy, as the gelato had a tendency to melt quickly, in the mid-afternoon sun.

"just in this new way" is a reference to changing the characteristics of the text of the sculptures from my full name, "Justin Simoni" to wordplay with the half phrase, "Just in".