Pin #15: Justin Paradise

Pin #15: Justin Paradise

Big Sur, California
July 25th, 2007


"Paradise" here doesn't really pertain to the setting. While camping in Big Sur, I was reading Bukowski's, "South of No North", which had a great quote in it (Which I can't find, since my books are in unlabled, uncategorized boxes), but the quote talked about Big Sur and the commercialization of it. I noted the coincidence that I was in Big Sur, reading a book I got in San Francisco about Big Sur.

Anyways, "Paradise" is a reference to the main character in Kerouac's, "On the Road" - Sal Paradise, which was Kerouac.

One of Kerouac's last books was Big Sur, which is also autobiographical, talking about Kerouac going to San Francisco and feeling alienated - enough to warrant a trip to Big Sur, in hopes to be alone and to die.

Like about a million people, Kerouac's writing made me want to travel and what better way to pay homage than to leave a little (tiny) memorial.