Pin #1: Justin Simoni

Pin #1: Justin Simoni

Seattle Space Needle
Seattle, Washington
July 3rd. 2007


This is on the observatory level of the Seatle Space Needle, in Seattle, WA. The background is the Seattle skyline. The pins are sticking in a weird material that connects the glass with the shallow yellow shelf you see there.

This shot is supposed to resemble the Pins: Seattle shot of the same place, which was taken three years prior

The similar shot was done in an attempt to link the two chapters of the project together - even though they are 3 years apart.

I was in the inside part of the observation deck, getting these pins together and of course I dropped ALL the little bits of paper and they scattered on the floor. So, there I was, underneith a small table, collecting them all up. It was really really suspicious looking.

While I was taking the actual pictures, I head from the back, "Is that Justin, Justin Simoni?!" and I turn around to see a figure drawing model I knew from school. "It must have been you - you're the pin guy". Pretty coincidential. She didn't stay long, as she was with her boyfriend. I forget what they were up to.

Like I did in 2004, I got my picture taken inside the Space Needle, in front of a cardboard mockup of the building I was inside, out of sheer absurdity.

The Seattle Space Needle