2005, Acrylic on Canvas, 7' x 5'

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"Friend." is made up of a mosaic consisting of approx: 2220 separate silkscreen prints. The prints are of my best friend during my time at RMCAD - Terry Campbell. Four different face poses, thirty two passes of different colors, most likely 100+ hours of painting. I went through 1 gallon of gesso, 1 gallon of titanium white, one gallon of Golden Silkscreen medium and a lot of jars of color, to say the least.

I spent most of the time working on this painting thinking of my best friends throughout my life

I met Terry in school - he was working on a large painting that made nods to pulp fiction covers. It was entitled, "Alchoholic Escapades." I ask if he was an alcoholic - he said he wasn't. That same day, he gave me a ride to the Denver Skatepark to see a skateboarding demo that featured Tony Hawk. The rest, as they say, is History.

Seen from a distance, "Friend." makes a fairly solid likeness to Terry. Up close, the entire painting breaks down and you notice more of the details of the individual screens being printed. The painting in this sense, lives a double life.