Civic Peculiars

Denver Drawings Collages to Construct Impossible Spatial Relations

Civic Peculiars



This multidisciplinary event took place outside the opening night of the, Objectophilia show, in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, Denver, CO, USA, June 25th, 2010.

Archived Call For Entries:

Create a one-color drawing of a detail of Denver you love to love. Submit it to: Justin Simoni,, 720436 7701. We will screen print designs together to create collages of a shared view of Denver. We need it by THIS FRIDAY.


Cities are alive. The people are its bloodlines. We circulate around its boundaries, bumping into each other in a great highway of human nodes, providing needed sustenance to Our organs - the public and private spaces. We fight off maladies and repair damage. We're sometimes destructive and cancerous. We are also Its immune system. Without people, cities die. Without cities, we die.

The sum of our movement creates the whole and like an individual cell in a body, our personal perspective of a city is incomplete, except when composited with multiple perspectives from specialized cells. Without these unique views, we are like the blind men and the elephant. If we cannot come together to see/hear/taste/touch/smell together, we get nowhere. Fast.

In this project, we will attempt to bring together our individual specialization of senses to create landscapes and portraits of the whole of our city of Denver. The outcome will encompass the familiar with the strange.

YOUR TASK IS TO produce a drawing of one detail, large or small, from any perspective of a part of Denver as a City that excites you, personally. No part is too large or small, too detailed or efficient of line. Be honest with your rendering, it will be tested against others. Honesty is all that counts. You do not need examples, as examples are all around you, but consider:

Your separate drawings will then be compiled to make multiple collages of the various shared perspectives of Denver. The perspectives will exhibit, by design, "Impossible Spatial Relations". We will try to make posters, but we will definitely be putting these designs on t-shirts, printing live during the opening of the Denver Biennial of the Americas, outside the Objectophilia show ( ), on the same block of the Museum of Contemporary Art. We are not a part of the show, but both are going to be a part of Denver. The MCA and this show will be promoting our goings-on - just a little bit.


Living things thrive in certain ecosystems. If you take them out of their habitat, they will perish. Our ecosystem is the following:

Size: NO LARGER THAN 16" x 12"
You may go smaller. You may draw small and size up the final, you may draw larger and size down the final. We just cannot print larger.

Our views are made of drawings. One color. Think lines art. Shade made with multiple lines. The printing process is serigraphy (screen printing!).

We live, we die. Life is short. Our neural network needs to make this impression by FRIDAY, JUNE 25TH.