Great Divide Mountain Bike Challenge Is ON!

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If you've ever spent an appreciable amount of time with me, you'll know that I dig bicycles, mostly riding them while covering great distances. I've taken trips down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver, British Columbia to Mexico, around France for a few months, down the North and South Islands of New Zealand, as well as smaller trips, like Paris to Amsterdam following the route of the Paris-Roubaix Spring classics race and through a good part of Colorado's front range, riding to trail heads of some of the state's more famous 14ers (and then up them!).

This year in June, I'm staying close to home and taking on the personal challenge of racing the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. My goal is to cover the 2,745 miles, 39 Continental Divide crossing and 200,000 feet of total elevation gain in twenty-one very, very, very busy days. The race is self-supported, meaning: no support crew follows me and I can only use resources found on-route. Camping along the way, I'll be riding around 16 hours a day, attempting to cover between 100 and 150 miles each day, NO rest days. There's no entry fee, or prize money - it's me against the route. 

I first heard about this insanity while hanging out at Salvagetti, my local bike shop and listening to one of the mechanics named Fixie Dave talk about riding the same race. That was many years ago and I was just starting out transitioning into a car-free, bike-full lifestyle.

Fixie Dave is still at it and this year I finally feel prepared to try it myself. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be incredible.

I've created an entire mini site about training my body and mind to tackle such a challenge, and also started a fundraiser to help pay for things like, a bike to ride it on and food to eat along the way. I'm challenging myself to riding 1200 miles in the Month of March and I challenge you to donate to my fund raiser. I'm giving half of whatever I take in to benefit a local organization called U.S.E.D., who help get used syringes off the streets of Denver. Yes - I'm getting into the best shape of my life to help some of the most worse-off people in my community.

You can donate to the fundraiser by visiting the donation page, or by choosing the level you want to contribute in the handy infographic below. Thanks so much for helping out!

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