Thanks for all your generous donations to the Itchy-O Marching Band - we made our goal!

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We made our $3,00 goal for the Itchy-O fundraiser! Now, time to raise hell!... with... drums and cymbals and noise box makers and drum machines and vocoders and mini-Korgs and the like. Not demons and all that:

You did it, we just surpassed our goal. Amazing!

Thanks for helping us keep the streets random!!!

We're elated (and exhaling) over here.

We have a few days left.

If you have potential backer pals on the fence, let them know it's safe! The rewards are a GO!

The more backing we muster together, the more we're able to pass
along to the local artists designing and producing the merch, cd and

We're really thrilled.

Tonight we jump up and down, tomorrow we get cracking on those rewards.


Your friendly chaos-makers, IOMB

More Itchy-O love - this time crashing the Melvins show at the Ogden. We went there because the Melvins rule. This is the show people were throwing $20 bills at the dancer. And I was the dancer. Hella!

You all rule. Thanks so much (again and again) for your collective help for our collective chaos!

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