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August 6th, 2010 would have been Andy Warhol's 81st birthday, and it was also First Friday, where in Denver, most every art gallery has an opening of their latest show.

Dana Cain decided to have a neighborhood-wide birthday party for Warhol and hired me to play Mr. Warhol and take some footage of us causing trouble around the neighborhood, while attempting to make screen tests for a new film.

The film, a collection of these attempts is called, 15 MINUTE FILM and premiered at the Denver Modernism show, later that month. Here it is, for you to enjoy:

Thanks to Dana Cain for making this soiree possible! Thanks also to all the actors that helped out, Ashley Schiwart, John Birdman, Robin Whatley - as well as everyone that was unaccredited, Nichole Banowetz for filming and the VU cover band, Sweet Nuthin' for providing the soundtrack!

We made our $3,00 goal for the Itchy-O fundraiser! Now, time to raise hell!... with... drums and cymbals and noise box makers and drum machines and vocoders and mini-Korgs and the like. Not demons and all that:

You did it, we just surpassed our goal. Amazing!

Thanks for helping us keep the streets random!!!

We're elated (and exhaling) over here.

We have a few days left.

If you have potential backer pals on the fence, let them know it's safe! The rewards are a GO!

The more backing we muster together, the more we're able to pass
along to the local artists designing and producing the merch, cd and

We're really thrilled.

Tonight we jump up and down, tomorrow we get cracking on those rewards.


Your friendly chaos-makers, IOMB

More Itchy-O love - this time crashing the Melvins show at the Ogden. We went there because the Melvins rule. This is the show people were throwing $20 bills at the dancer. And I was the dancer. Hella!

You all rule. Thanks so much (again and again) for your collective help for our collective chaos!

The IOMB, the world's only percussion-centered electronic marching band, prides itself on bringing sophisticatedly savage, avant-garde music to the people, when and where it is least expected. We live for the stunned faces, staggering delight and the awkward cross-eyed wonder that spreads across unsuspecting crowds whenever we turn the corner.

A recent press shout-out in Denver's Westword sums it up best;

"some odd electronic music accompanied by the sounds of percussion filled the air. Turns out the sounds were emanating from members of the Itchy-O Marching Band... A lot of people probably had no idea what was going on, but Itchy-O sure did bring smiles to a lot of faces..."  Tom Murphy (Westword, August, 2010), Second Night of Warlock Pinchers Reunion Offers Twice the Mayhem, Plus a Marching Band.

We're preciously close at reaching our $3,000 goal on Kickstarted to record an album, make a documentary and continue on with our nonchalant mayhem. Have you seen us around? Dig us? Think about donating. We have swag to give, in return:

Some of my favorite moments in the Itchy-O Marching Band:

at the Underground Music Showcase (univitedly crashed), you'll see me as the Chinese Lion:

Itchy-O Marching Band from Mixtec Media on Vimeo.

Playing The Filmore (Denver) :

Crashing the Warlock Pinchers reunion show, at the Gothic:

Finally, at the Illegal Pete's 15th anniversary party:

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