Civic Peculiars - Live Screen Printing/Collaging of a Community of Drawings!

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is the opening of many, many, many art shows - the one I've been helping in my small way is Objectophillia - lots of going up and down ladders and putting holes into walls and attempting not to break anything.

I will also be at the opening with a little project called, Civic Peculiars! I've asked people in the Denver Community to make a drawing about something in Denver - whatever they wanted, pretty free form. I'll be bringing almost 20 different designs to print on shirts and some larger areas to cover.

Stop by around 7:00 - 10:00pm (1900 16th Street) TONIGHT (Wed. June 30th) to see the spectacle. There's so many things that are going to be happening. It'll be as if Disneyland was real, or Burning Man was a little less fuzzy pink boots and naked people... and drugs and... free love, but in the middle of downtown and not in the middle of the desert. OK - I'll get naked for you (at least!)

Civic Peculiars

Denver Drawings Printed and Collaged to Construct Impossible Spatial Relations
Large/Small, Real/Imaginary, Popular/Obscure, Personal/Public
Colorful. Diverse.

Unique Collages - $15


Robert Atkinson
Nicole Banowetz
Justin Beard
Brandon Borchert
Erin Lea-Dougherty
Avery Flinta
Ishmael Hallin
Tyler Jacobson
Derek Keenan
Lauri Lynnx Murphy
Mariah Raymond
Justin Simoni
Alex Skazat
Harry C. Walters
Wendy York

THANK YOU! Everyone that submitted a drawing! I couldn't have done the project without input from our Fair City of the Plains residents. See you at the opening, tonight and get a shirt!

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