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is the opening of many, many, many art shows - the one I've been helping in my small way is Objectophillia - lots of going up and down ladders and putting holes into walls and attempting not to break anything.

I will also be at the opening with a little project called, Civic Peculiars! I've asked people in the Denver Community to make a drawing about something in Denver - whatever they wanted, pretty free form. I'll be bringing almost 20 different designs to print on shirts and some larger areas to cover.

Stop by around 7:00 - 10:00pm (1900 16th Street) TONIGHT (Wed. June 30th) to see the spectacle. There's so many things that are going to be happening. It'll be as if Disneyland was real, or Burning Man was a little less fuzzy pink boots and naked people... and drugs and... free love, but in the middle of downtown and not in the middle of the desert. OK - I'll get naked for you (at least!)

Civic Peculiars

Denver Drawings Printed and Collaged to Construct Impossible Spatial Relations
Large/Small, Real/Imaginary, Popular/Obscure, Personal/Public
Colorful. Diverse.

Unique Collages - $15


Robert Atkinson
Nicole Banowetz
Justin Beard
Brandon Borchert
Erin Lea-Dougherty
Avery Flinta
Ishmael Hallin
Tyler Jacobson
Derek Keenan
Lauri Lynnx Murphy
Mariah Raymond
Justin Simoni
Alex Skazat
Harry C. Walters
Wendy York

THANK YOU! Everyone that submitted a drawing! I couldn't have done the project without input from our Fair City of the Plains residents. See you at the opening, tonight and get a shirt!

I will be in need of one or two volunteers during the Objectophillia show that opens this Wednesday at 1900 16th Street in Denver, CO, between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. If you can come a few hours before, that would be awesome! And a little after would rule, too, but whatever you can swing.

We will be screen printing t-shirts LIVE with the drawing submissions everyone has giving me (there's been a ton of them). We will be collaging the drawings together in any which way we want. We'll have people freakin' out with the designs. Kind of like this:


It would be incredibly rad to have: 

  • A Messy-Hand, helping me with screen printing shirts. Bring some clothes you don't mind getting messy. I'll be happy to supply gloves and an apron thing.
  • A Clean-Hand, handling purchases, picking out blank shirts, helping people with what's up - that sort of thing.
Perks include being in the center of an event that's estimated to bring a few thousand people to hang out, perhaps a custom t-shirt for your troubles and lots of booze, either from the opening, or I'll swing by the package store and get some stuff. Do a rad job and let's split any tips we get. Sound fair?

Please, if you're interested, get in touch with me, either via email: me@justinsimoni.com or give me a call: 720.436.7701. It would be wonderful if you're into the Denver Art scene, want to learn about crazy performances, screen printing, like hanging out with a few thousand people - that sort of thing.

Let me know as soon as you can and please do not be a flake!

Word! Justin!
I just dropped off a new batch of hand-pulled ART SCHOOL LOSER shirts and delivered them via bicycle to the YesPleaseMore Popup Store. They look, a little bit like this:

They'll be available exclusively at the YesPleaseMore Popup Store, so get yourself down there and get one, my little Art Stars! Here's what YesPleaseMore says about themselves,

YesPleaseMore is a temporary retail store that sells 100% Colorado designed goods. We believe in supporting the local creative economy by offering free co-working space, workshops and starter grants for creative entrepreneurs.

Visit us at our retail store and co-working space located at the Denver Pavilions, 500 16th Street Suite 252.
The money the retail store takes in is directed toward starter grants for artists and designers that people can apply for and other people vote for - the most popular idea gets the grant. Brilliant!

The YesPleaseMore also has a small, co-working space, where you can stop by, utilize their free wi-fi and get some work of your own done. I was writing an article about the PRESSED! exhibit that's just next door and this space came in handy to work on my piece. Brilliant! (Again!)

Nativeyewear Live Screen Printing: Total Success!

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Last weekend, I loaded up a borrowed truck with a portable screen printing studio: nine designs on nine screens, nine colors, nine squeegees and hundreds of really nice t-shirts to Vail and set up shop at Nativeyewear's lounge at the Teva Mountain Games area to screen print t-shirts to anyone and everyone that wanted one - whatever t-shirt, whatever graphic, wherever they wanted - and how every many they wanted of each design.

We had some fun. Actually, we had a smash hit. 


That line formed about three minutes into starting to print t-shirts and didn't relent until we ran out of them. Actually, not even then! As I was more than happy to screen print whatever people were wearing. In one case, we attempted to screen print a kayak!

Printing custom t-shirts takes a little time to do. To my surprise, my extremely patient t-shirt fans did not mind the wait - or my goofing off, while we wait for a design to cure onto the t-shirt. A pleasant experience and wonderful to talk to all the people who came for the event.

A Nativeyewear team member shows off some enhancements to a previous Native shirt!


Above is custom design whipped up! Mounntains on the front, tire treads and a mountain biker over the seam! Sweet! 


Another happy custom t-shirt owner! 


Hard at work!

Thanks has to go out to Nativeyewear for supporting me and letting me do some great designs for them, taking me up to Vail and letting me have fun with all the people who came round for a complement-of-Native shirt! Awesome people to work with and I feel pretty lucky to play a small part in all the fun they put together. Let's do it again, guys!

Nativeyewear has so graciously invited me to Vail to work with them during the Teva Mountain Games - find me at the Nativeyewear booth, where I will be screen printing t-shirts on Friday June 4th  and Saturday June 5th, from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

Check out their fancy and sexy sunglasses, and design a custom t-shirt with me out of 9 different designs Nativeyewear has commissioned that we can mix and match in any way imaginable. If that wasn't sweet enough (and it is), Nativeyewear tells me the shirts will be complementary!

Don't forget to tip the fine artist, but seriously, stop by visit, grab a custom t-shirt for free and leave the Teva Mountain Games super happy. Locate us at the Vail Village, "Gear Town" - won't be hard to find, this event is basically taking over Vail.

Here's what they say about the Teva Mountain Games,

The Teva Mountain Games are the country's largest celebration of adventure sports, art and music and they return to Vail, June 3-6, 2010.

Professional and amateur athletes from around the world converge upon the mountains and rivers of Vail to compete in eight sports and 24 disciplines for more than $100,000 in prize money. This year's sporting events include kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, road cycling, World Cup Bouldering, amateur climbing, fly fishing, stand up paddling, trail running and a half  marathon.

Lifestyle components include the Mountain Click Photo Competition, the Serac Adventure Film School, Outdoor Reels Film Festival, Mountains of Music free concerts and the Teva Mountain Ball. The weekend is rounded out by the Gear Town and Green Light District expo areas and the interactive family zone, Adventure Village.

The Teva Mountain Games are a project of the Vail Valley Foundation.

Nativeyewear has been super nice to work with and any company that treats and supports artists like Nativeyewear does is a great company in my book. The sunglasses are pretty sweet, too.