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I'll be helping doing a little part for Denver's Food Not Bombs 30th anniversary fund raising event - I'll have fun, fancy prints in the silent art auction.

Kathleen St. John Mary of the Onion A.V. Club sums it up quite nicely:

Give peace--and free vegetarian food--a chance: The Denver chapter of Food Not Bombs is celebrating the organization's 30th anniversary tomorrow at The Other Side Arts (1644 Platte St., 303-561-3000). FNB volunteer Alex Dismore says it'll be a "feast for the senses," with art and live music from local acts Paper Bird, Paper Bear, and Princess Music, as well as food and drinks.

With chapters all over the world, FNB's mission is to spread its anti-war, pro-food message through the public distribution of free meals. "Each chapter collects unwanted food that would otherwise be thrown away, and cooks vegan or vegetarian meals and serves them in public places," Dismore says. "The idea is to keep overhead low and operate with all-volunteer labor and almost no budget, and serve in a place that everyone can access."

The event runs from 6:30pm - 11:00pm at the Other Side Arts on 1644 Platte St. between 6:30 - 11:00pm. There is a sliding scale door cover to help with the fundraiser, but no one will be turned away. There's some more info on the Facebook event page.

See you there!