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Rick Griffith, designer, artist and general man about town in good standing is holding a fundraiser for a wooden letterpress art show. In his own words:

We will be presenting an exhibit of letterpress printed works, in Denver including the Hamilton 10th Anniversary show, Prints from Hatch Showprint, Nashville, TN and Works produced at the TypeLab/Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection at the University of Texas, Austin. This exhibit is also open to printer/designers elsewhere, we expect to have projects from Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, Columbia Center for the Book, and other influential institutions and individuals.
The call for entries is still open.

This exhibit, curated and organized by Rick Griffith will be staged for the first time May 29, 2010 through July 4, 2010 in Denver, Colorado. This exhibit is organized in collaboration with The Design Council of the Denver Art Museum and co-presented by AIGAColorado.

This, is our first round of funding, is to provide material support for the exhibition, the building of large movable wood type walls, paint and, feeding volunteers whilst in construction. We will not be charging for the call for entries, or for curatorial fees, or for publication in the catalog.

The catalog will be funded with advanced purchases.
The traveling show will have its own capital funding campaign. Once the show is complete.
Organizers in potential host cities should contact me directly...lets see if this baby has legs.

Our Funding Goal here is designed to succeed (this is our bare minimum) we would simply make a better exhibit with more. Feel free to give as little as you have to, and as much as you can. We'll appreciate everything. Our hope is to show solidarity and raise 200% of our goal.

Anyone who can figure out the significance of the funding goal number will receive a free catalog.

Type First, Ask Questions Later.

Rick (Griffith) (303) 893 0330

Visiting Rick's printing press studio is always a pleasure and I hope that, if you can, you can help out with their fundraiser. I wouldn't ask you, unless I also helped out a little (I did). I'd love to be a part of this show, but my reason for helping is really that I love to see neat things happen in town and this would be a really quite interesting thing indeed. I'll have to ask Rick if I can help paint some walls, or somethin' -

Here's the link to the kickstarter fundrasing page:

As well as more information about his strange and wonderful studio doings:

I will see you at the opening!