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Dirty Fake French Velo T-Shirts are back! Order for $15

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The entire world may now rejoice! We are reprinting the Dirty Fake French Velo T-shirts one more time and changing up the colors: Boys-Style gets "Royal Blue" and Grrls-Style is, "Avocado Yellow". Yes.

Why the reprinting?

I'm journeying to France with my bike for the rest of year! It's true! These shirts proved popular in the small D.I.Y. run we just did earlier this year that we're gonna... do another small, D.I.Y. run! Yeah!

So order away and help me offset the costs of me having to box up my bike and send it with the airline (it's not free anymore, ugh!)

FEMMES - $15

HOMMES - $15

"Avocado Yello" Grrls Style

"Royal Blue" Boys Style
Pick Your Size:

Free one-color patch included!

Pick Your Size:

Free one-color patch included!


White on Black

Here's the CATCH:

You only have until NEXT THURSDAY to order. Why? Because after that, I will be in France! Sorry hurry up already and put a little double entendre on your poitrine and show your amour pour votre vélo!