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CMYK+RGB Show This Friday

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I've been pretty lucky be able to take part of so many awesome shows this summer and this event coming up this Friday is no exception:

On Friday, August 21st 2009 Illiterate brings its mission of creative collaboration to Denver's Space gallery with "RGB + CMYK", an interactive arts event exploring the interactions between print and digital media. With print and digital installations, live screen printing, a conceptual fashion show and a print exhibition by some of Denver's most prolific contemporary artists and designers, "RGB + CMYK" places two forms of reproduction side by side asking the question on every newspaper publisher and online entrepreneur's mind: are these formats complimentary or in competition?

 In my usual style, I've side-stepped this issue, by doing a piece that deals with some thing I'm really interested about, namely: Sex. Or, Love vs. Sex. I mean, let's drop the whole analogy game and get right down to brass tacks on these Important Issues. And yes, I understand that, "brass tacks" is also an analogy. Onward!

Here's the kick-ass flier from Illiterate:

Illiterate Magazine CMYK + RGB show flier

Here's also some in-studio shots of my process. I had just set up the studio to make posters, since my last show was nothing but posters, so this show was perfect for me to contribute to. Here's the four screens I used to print with:


Burning screens always gets me nervous, even though I have almost every part of this craft down and if I run into problems, I know how to correct them. this bunch came out perfectly.The only colors I used were, in fact, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. I don't use pre-made screen print ink (ever, really), but rather, I use acrylic paint, mixed with various mediums. This helps me control the consistency, transparency, drying time and most especially, the color properties very tightly.

Printed out:

All printed up

Far away, these look almost photographic, but up close, they break down into beautiful patterns, pretty well:



I have some stuff on the Illiterate site, if you want to check out here and their blog is pretty sweet to.

See you at the show! This Friday, August 21st, 2009 8pm - 2am at Space Gallery - 765 Santa Fe - Ten Bucks. I'll be selling these prints for cheap, because I love you all and want you to go away with something beautiful.