French Velo T-Shirts are Now Available - $10

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I've been up to quite a lot of no good, down-and-dirty fun, drawing up and designing some t-shirts for you to wear. Because of my love of language and my love of cycling, I give you the French version of the venerable, "Put The Fun Between Your Legs" t-shirt.

Like France, they're distinctly, well, French and makes little sense outside of the context of themselves. And that's what I love about 'em. So go grab a shirt as they're currently only $10, shipping is included and you get a FREE patch along with the order:

They're available in boys-style and grrls-style and if you like the design, well, that's available under a CC license as well. Spread the love, give a handlebar ride for someone you fancy  and go order a t-shirt for your favorite Francophile Cyclist Enthusiast.

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