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French Velo T-Shirts are Now Available - $10

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I've been up to quite a lot of no good, down-and-dirty fun, drawing up and designing some t-shirts for you to wear. Because of my love of language and my love of cycling, I give you the French version of the venerable, "Put The Fun Between Your Legs" t-shirt.

Like France, they're distinctly, well, French and makes little sense outside of the context of themselves. And that's what I love about 'em. So go grab a shirt as they're currently only $10, shipping is included and you get a FREE patch along with the order:


They're available in boys-style and grrls-style and if you like the design, well, that's available under a CC license as well. Spread the love, give a handlebar ride for someone you fancy  and go order a t-shirt for your favorite Francophile Cyclist Enthusiast.

Denver Pecha Kucha on July 21st

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Denver's Pecha Kucha is going to be going down this month! (July 21st) Here's the fancy flier:

I'm definitely going to be here (if you come, come early! It fills up!) if I'm not on some sort of secret outrageous art mission trip super adventure - as I sometimes get myself into. Every time I've gone, I've had a wonderful time and the people who run it, were nice enough to have me talk about my adventures on bicycle. And how I almost died at age 27 in a flash flood.

Last Pecha Kucha was one of the best themed talk nights I've ever been to, so I have high hopes for this night.

Here's some links to check out:

Gary Isaacs makes some extremely moody photography that could also be described as, "lush" and his work will be up in Very Large Format this month at City o' City in Denver, CO. The opening is this Tuesday, July 7th.

His subjects include Munly of Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots and Slim Cessna's Auto Club,


Devotchka! and whomever this extremely stunningly exasperating-in-beauty is,

bettytrip.jpgGary has even tempted his camera and risked cracking his len's on my own ugly mug,

(This photograph is well and truly officially, "unpublished") The photograph used was extremely better and captured Gary's, "Enjoy Camera Life" idea much better (link):


to me "enjoy camera life!" is like a state of mind - it's about me reminding my self of how much photography has brought to my life - most of the people i know and almost everything that's happened to me over the last 20 years goes back to living with a camera - it's my path - it's how i move through life - it's my version of a spiritual practice - for me it's about the shared moment and what comes out of that - i've learned to see my self in my work - it's been a big part of coming to know who i am - And when i get all hung up or twisted about things i just say gary "enjoy camera life!" and it helps me to return to my self, to lighten up and to appreciate life

There's more information about the opening on the Facebook events page and a back log of amazing photography from Gary can be found on his Flickr.

Tour de France Diary

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I put back up my Tour de France Diary, which was missing from the site redesign, you can check it out:


Col d'Aubisque

The reasoning behind putting it back up will become clear within the coming days...

Some DIY Marketplace Highlights

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Survived the DIY Marketplace! It was a very very long day and a long week to get ready/make the loot to sell, etc. I'll have an official announcement of the stuff I have for sale and get it online post-haste, but before that, here's a few things I check out from the marketplace:

My friend Derek has started a new gig called, Mukee, in which he reclaims old skateboards and turns them into fancy jewelry and accessories. For example:

You can browse and order Derek's stuff at his etsy shop, if you're so inclined.

I also picked up a new wallet for myself from Marybeth Mungovan's mmsomewhere line:

marym.jpgThe photography used is from her travels, both home and abroad. I bought a wallet of an Aspen grove, to give it my wallet it's own home-town flavor.

Laurie Lynnxe and I shared a tent and Laurie was, amongst other things, selling new jewelry she was created from resin casts of found objects. Ms. Vivienne VaVoom  grabbed up one of the necklaces:

There was about a million more things happening at the DIY marketplace, so I think it was a great success and congratulations to Tran for putting it on are in order. Here's to next year's Art Marketplace and DIY fest!

DIY Art Marketplace this Saturday

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I'll be at the DIY Art Marketplace that the Fabric Lab is putting on this 4th of July and you should definitely stop by:


(bigger version wanted? Just click the flier and behold!)

Look for me at Laurie Lynnxe Murphy's tent. Say hello! Stop by and buy a print, etc. I'll have many surprises also available which I will keep tight lips about, until I get them all finished.

Also check out The Fabric Lab's site and get a cupcake next door sometime, at The Shoppe