Indian Food with Nikki Biefel

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Nikki invited me to have lunch with her, so we met up at the all you can eat Indian Food restaurant on 18th/Blake.

Nikki is going to have a show, I believe this coming September at  Kitchen's Ink and was nice enough to tip off those guys to me and that's how I got to show there, so guess what? Lunch was on me.

Nikki does a lot of work with photo clippings/montages of exceedingly complex patterns, based on sacred geometry:

The pictures do fairly no justice, as the colors are quite lush and are sealed behind a thick thick application of resin.

She recently completed a workshop at the Other Side Arts as well as finishing a few commissions for Paulo Bandi who you may see behind the drums on tour with a few small time acts such as, "CAKE" and, "Les Claypool", as well as touring Egypt and just sort of killing the whole percussion thing. Here's Nikki's bass drum head for Paulo:

Quite a natural application of her work, you must admit. Paulo's a super nice guy himself - I had the oppourtunity to meet him myself after Cake's show at Chautauqua in Boulder last summer.

Nikki and I talked about her forthcoming show - she tells me she's been working with different materials this time, most notably seaweed, fish scales and old coins, inspired by her Father's own bizarre collections. We were brainstorming titles for her show, but I couldn't get past trying to figure out how to give everything ostensible meaning and came up with, The Tribute Money bible story and Nikki had none of that. We'll all have to see what she comes up with. Seems like challenging raw materials to use!

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