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More Terry Campbell. Terry Campbell for all!

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Speaking about Mr. Terry Campbell, I just moved over all the content for the Friend. paintings to the new site:

 You may also have recognized Terry from the latest series I did (Emotional Response), playing a Dionysian character:

We've lived a vast majority of our adult lives, drawing and painting one another.

Some past work of Terry's:

"Desired Skills" by Terry Campbell
Double Portrait, Terry Campbell

Terry Campbell's, "Present State of Mind" Opening

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I hung out at Terry's opening at Pirate most of the night, here's some photos from the opening, itself:


Mr. Harry C. Walters and Mr. Terry Campbell, outside looking sharp. Polyester Shark Skin suits and handlebar mustaches seem to have made a very big comeback.

IMG_1391-640.jpgTerry and I re-creating the pose for his painting in the background. Lord knows I can't ever keep a straight face.

Some detail:

Justin Beard takes in a somewhat intimate painting, somewhat intimately

Skate Deck Show is a GO!

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Picked up my board or, "Stick" as the cool kids call it, to decorate with designs for the Great Denver Skate Deck Show of 2009. Comp'd out an idear which I'll keep under wraps until the show itself, but I'd plan on seeing stark white background, big type, halftone protrait and scratchy drawing pairs, as seems to be my modus operandi as per recently. It should also be quite non-sequitor, as it's, you know, a skate deck and deep meaning in a skate deck illustration is probably sort of silly.

Here's the flier, with bizarre, Black Flag bars in the background:

skate-show-2009-web.jpgHere's the relevant links to the choice organizations that are taking part:




Indian Food with Nikki Biefel

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Nikki invited me to have lunch with her, so we met up at the all you can eat Indian Food restaurant on 18th/Blake.

Nikki is going to have a show, I believe this coming September at  Kitchen's Ink and was nice enough to tip off those guys to me and that's how I got to show there, so guess what? Lunch was on me.

Nikki does a lot of work with photo clippings/montages of exceedingly complex patterns, based on sacred geometry:

The pictures do fairly no justice, as the colors are quite lush and are sealed behind a thick thick application of resin.

She recently completed a workshop at the Other Side Arts as well as finishing a few commissions for Paulo Bandi who you may see behind the drums on tour with a few small time acts such as, "CAKE" and, "Les Claypool", as well as touring Egypt and just sort of killing the whole percussion thing. Here's Nikki's bass drum head for Paulo:

Quite a natural application of her work, you must admit. Paulo's a super nice guy himself - I had the oppourtunity to meet him myself after Cake's show at Chautauqua in Boulder last summer.

Nikki and I talked about her forthcoming show - she tells me she's been working with different materials this time, most notably seaweed, fish scales and old coins, inspired by her Father's own bizarre collections. We were brainstorming titles for her show, but I couldn't get past trying to figure out how to give everything ostensible meaning and came up with, The Tribute Money bible story and Nikki had none of that. We'll all have to see what she comes up with. Seems like challenging raw materials to use!

Today in the Studio

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I was taking a happy break from the studio after finishing this month's show, but went back to help my assistant with a small run of prints he's doing for a mutual friend's wedding:

Studio Assistant Screenprinting

Studio Assistant Screenprinting

This guy's been a tremendous help getting the current show printed and it was wonderful to finally assist him in his own project. I think we have another poster-sized print to make and then, we're all done!

Working together, we can crank out that tall stack of postcards in quite a small amount of time - takes perhaps 10 seconds at the most to print each piece of paper?

It takes considerably more time to cut. Ugh! The studio is currently a disaster I have yet to clean up - you may notice tons of debris in the photos. As he was cutting the postcards, I was reclaiming the poster screens. I went back tonight and recoated them. 9 screens will be ready, tomorrow morning to burn. 

This week sees potential t-shirt projects, a skateboard for the show at Plastic Chapel and other projects, currently under wraps.
Thought I'd pass this along - 11th Avenue is a great little community-based gallery, who supports a lot of my friends, including Harry C. Walters and Justin Beard. Check out the show - I'll try to make it down, as well:

11th Ave Gallery July Opening
New Work From Maria M. Gonzalez and John Henry Egan

Denver, CO -- July 3rd, 2009 - 11th Ave Gallery invites you to view new work from Maria M. Gonzales and John Henry Egan, in their show entitled "El Merezer". The opening reception will be held at 11th Ave Gallery (15 E 11th Ave) on Friday July 3, 2009 from 7-11 pm.

Denver artist, Maria Michelle Gonzales, will be showing a new installation piece.

"El Merezer (to deserve) is a situation about an ongoing struggle of the will to accept a "benefit" without having worked to deserve it. Simultaneously "benefits" continue to make themselves available regardless.

In this study I've expressed 7 typical stereotypical remarks that have stained what I have called "baberos"- bibs. They are each lacthed on to the left sides of 7 small tables. The major part of this installation is a lined up series of 7 small tables. These represent the setting of the hostile yet classic beauty of the Last Supper inspired first by the traditional Jewish Passover Seder meal. In conclusion, the whole represents the truth of an unstrenuous sure "benefit" food in this particular study, that has never been held back from us as we depend on it for survival. It continues day in and day out to provide nourishment for all, despite ones personal state of being, or working to deserve."

Denver artist, John Henry Egan, will be showing a series of recent paintings.

" The theme of my painting process is based on the construction of us as human beings and how experience forms us. There are many seasons that shape the person that we are. In that process there is so much built into each separate layer, only to be broken down over time.

The paintings being shown will be 48" x 48" and 36" x 36", composed of organic textures utilizing mediums such as sand, rust, newsprint, and found objects."

11th Ave Gallery is located at 15 E 11th Ave Denver, CO.

For further information, contact gallery director Leanor Ortega Till at 11thavegallery@gmail.com

Most Sincerely,

Leanor Ortega Till
Gallery Director

http://justinsimoni.com Soft Launch is Go!

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So! I've just redesigned http://justinsimoni.com for the first time in... well, I don't want to think about it - at least since I was still in college - so let's say: a long time.

I don't have all the content I want, and probably never will, but if you're looking for something specific, try here:


Which should have a fairly working archive of the old site.

If there's something you think should be highlighted on the new site, hey! Let me know and I'll move it over. I never know what's interesting exactly to other people.


My best friend from RMCAD, Terry Campbell is having another art opening at Pirate Gallery called, "Present State of Mind". I helped Terry with a quick postcard design for the back:

amidst working on my last solo show, We had the idea of making it like a cheesy timeline from a school course or something, while also working within his painting style and the last few postcards I helped him design. Here's last year's:

And even, the year before that:

Anyways, his next opening is:

Friday, June 26, 2009
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Pirate Contemporary Art
3655 Navajo Street
Denver, CO

Terry and I did a photo shoot for one of his large-format paintings together and I'm excited to see how it all came together. See you at the opening

Ironton Studios Celebrates Ten Years

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I had a lovely brunch with my friend Robin today and she gave me this postcard:


which made the bicycle ride in my back pocket safely home, so that I could tell everyone about it.

I'm going to try to make it myself, it's on July 3rd, here's where:

3636 Chestnut Pl
Denver, CO 80216
(303) 297-8626


If you have a chance, also check out Robin's wonderful work: