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Cover Story of the Denver Westword!

August 7th 2012 5:44p.m.

Cover Story of the Denver Westword! [1] Hello everyone! If you live in Denver, and you haven't already, please pick up a copy of the Westword, who's [2]featured cover story is on my Tour Divide races, my artwork and Itchy-o! [3]The article is also online. I'm extremely humbled by the story and thank Alan Prendergast, the writer, for doing such a wonderful job trying to make sense of my confusing life. I also want to thank everyone who helped with last year's fundraiser and ...Continue Reading

The Last Big Push - a 2,750 mile Mountain Bike Race

May 27th 2011 1:56a.m.

Here's where you can donate: If you need any more information, just let me know. Thanks for your support! Friends - Old, New and As Yet Undiscovered: Today marks two weeks before I start out on my Next Big Adventure: Racing Tour Divide! The Tour Divide Grand Départ is Friday, June 10th, starting in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The route takes us challengers south through Canada, into the United States traversing, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Col ...Continue Reading

New velo-centric t-shirts for sale and I'm off to Europe! And other Big News about Lynnxe

September 26th 2009 7:39p.m.

Bonjour tout le monde! This is a infrequent email update about and Justin Simoni (erm, me.). If getting email messages ain't your thing, you can also follow the new blog: The Twitterings: or be my very biggest fan on Facebook: I've been given an amazing opportunity to travel to France (again!) and stay for a couple months in the Latin Quarter i ...Continue Reading

Emotional Response Prints for Sale, Redesigned

June 22nd 2009 3:19a.m.

Hello everyone, This is the announcement list for I had a lovely opening for the Emotional Response show that happened this First Friday at the Kitchen's Ink. Thanks to everyone that helped out for the show - there were many, many people who helped, whom without I would not have been able to get the show finished. So thank you. Again and again. Most especially, thanks to the Kitchen's Ink for hosting. Check them out, sometime: Also, I wanted t ...Continue Reading

Solo Art Show this First Friday at the Kitchen's Ink in Denver

June 3rd 2009 2:41p.m.

Solo Art Show this First Friday at the Kitchen's Ink in Denver Hello everyone, I've longed neglected to send things out on this mailing list - don't want to do it all the time obviously, but since the last time I sent something out, I've: * Taken part in a show at the Denver Community Museum: [1] * Traveled to New Zealand on Bicycle for a month: [2] * And had two talking engagements, one at ...Continue Reading

Artists and Tramps talk at Pecha Kecha!

April 16th 2009 4:52a.m.

Artists and Tramps talk at Pecha Kecha! I took a spontaneous road trip by bike for the last month to New Zealand! [IMAGE] I'll be doing a talk called, "Artists and Tramps" at Denver's Pecha Kucha on Tuesday, April 21st all about it. Here's more information: [1] More details, quite soon. [1] ...Continue Reading

The Next Next Next Big Thing at the Denver Community Museum this Saturday

February 4th 2009 1:12a.m.

The Next Next Next Big Thing The Next Next Next Big Thing ============================ [IMAGE] I'm pleased to present my newest and silliest art project, called The Next Next Next Big Thing, which is a continuation of 2005's, The Next Big Thing Project. I'll be taking part in an opening at the Denver Community Museum this Friday, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, introducing The Next Next Next Big Thing concept. Here's a little description of it: The Next Next Next Big Thing takes the, &qu ...Continue Reading

Traveling in France on a bicycle

August 20th 2008 8:01a.m.

Hello everyone, No art news to really speak of, but I thought you all may be interested in my travels that I'm currently doing through and throughout France by bicycle. I've logged over 4,600 kilometers so far. Here's the tour diary: I'm currently riding ever so slowly to Basel, Switzerland and then to Colmar France and finally Paris for a few days. Wish me luck on this final leg of my tour and I hope to give out some interesting art events for the fall and win ...Continue Reading

Thanks for coming to, NOTHATYPE

June 7th 2008 5:28p.m.

Thanks everyone who came to the NOTHATYPE show! Here's a shot of the mural, made of nothing but paper: [IMAGE] Some more on the [1]Flickr page. Cheers, [2]Justin Simoni [1] [2] ...Continue Reading

Solo Show at Pirate, Zine Fest and Those Bike Advocacy Shirts Are Back

May 30th 2008 5:47p.m.

Solo show, zine fest and the shirts are back! Hello Everyone- you are beautiful: One or two things happening right now: * [1]Solo Show at Pirate * [2]Denver Zine Fest this Saturday * [3]Put The Fun... Bike Advocacy shirts for pre-order NOTHATYPE --------- [IMAGE] I have a solo show right at a place called Pirate. The show is titled, NOTHATYPE: Minimalist Type. Maximum Horror Vacui. The show is a collection of my work that deals with experimental typ ...Continue Reading