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Announcement List for Justin Simoni

This mailing list is to primarily send out announcements of gallery shows and events for Justin Simoni. It's pretty low traffic, maybe a message every few months, or so.

This mailing list is also used to send out postcards and other things through the post, so if you'd like to receive those things, please fill in your mailing address.

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Cover Story of the Denver Westword!

August 7th 2012 5:44p.m.

Cover Story of the Denver Westword! [1] Hello everyone! If you live in Denver, and you haven't already, please pick up a copy of the Westword, who's [2]featured cover story is on my Tour Divide races, my artwork and Itchy-o! [3]The article is also online. I'm extremely humbled by the story and thank Alan Prendergast, the writer, for doing such a wonderful job trying to make sense of my confusing life. I also want to thank everyone who helped with last year's fundraiser and ...Continue Reading

Screen Printing Classes and Workshops by Justin

This is an announce-only list to let interested people know when I'll be starting up screen printing classes in my studio in Denver, CO. These classes will be one-on-one hourly sessions as well as small (very small) group workshops spanning several weeks. The group workshops are probably going to fill up, quickly - be the first to know about them, on this list.

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July 29th 2011

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